The Southern Ontario Division Ski Team (SODST) is a high-performance FIS alpine program for likeminded, committed athletes wishing to pursue the sport of ski racing to the highest level. The mandate is to deliver world-class training and racing opportunities for the team members.

The SODST’s long-term goal is to increase Southern Ontario Divisions (SOD) presence on the Provincial and National Ski Teams. To be successful in these endeavours we recognise the need to select athletes based on past performance and subjective factors that highlight an athlete’s athletic potential, dedication to the sport, work ethic and love of competition.

The SODST has a very strong and unique relationship with the member ski clubs within SOD. Their support provides the SODST with excellent training environments and facilities which allows coaches and athletes to maximize training and race opportunities for success. Qualifying for the SODST is designed for the very best graduating U16 and U19 athletes within the SOD.

For the 2019-2020 season, the SODST will have two programming options. For athletes looking towards the 2020-21 season please find program details and selection criteria here>

  1. Performance Level

These athletes are identified as being on a high-performance pathway. They have demonstrated very strong race results at the National or the International level and have a strong level of commitment and dedication to the sport.

  1. High-Performance Level

This criteria is applied to identify Ontario athletes in the AOA U19 High-Performance Pathway and to provide additional training opportunities with the Ontario Ski Team coaches and program.


1 – Every Athlete deserves a great coach.
2 – Athletes should be developed.
3 – Commitment, Effort, Determination and Focus will lead to success.

2019 SODST athlete parent agreement-Code of Conduct


1) To provide Athletes with the opportunity to pursue their passion for ski racing in a supported team environment geared towards each individual’s needs.

2) Build athlete centred schedules, while supporting individual academic needs through our approved educational institutions, and available tutoring while at fall on-snow camps and when training in Collingwood.

3) Provide individual annual fitness programming developed from the fitness assessments conducted at the CSIO.

4) Challenge athletes with targeted race and training opportunities.

5) Support an atmosphere where risking failure, and learning from success provides excellent life skills that will serve the athlete well beyond their ski racing career.


The SOD Ski Team is pleased to announce a new partnership with the University of Toronto (U of T) for the members of the SODST. The new partnership is in an effort to provide better opportunities to make ski racing more desirable and accessible for athletes and families. The plan will consist of two main pillars. The first being an off-season program providing support specifically for the SOD Ski Team by way of physical conditioning, mental training, and nutritional awareness. The second pillar, still being finalized, will consist of a broader high-performance relationship between Alpine Ontario Alpin, SODST and U of T, specifically designed for athletes who have graduated high school and would like to continue to ski race while pursuing a post-secondary degree.


Please download the SOD Ski Team Handbook