The SOD Ski Team recognizes the move to FIS competition is a big step for these athletes as they juggle academics. To assist the athletes in this transition the SODST will:

  • Offer Thursday night training
  • Increased connection with the athletes’ school to facilitate yearly education/athletics programming
  • Tutoring program while in Collingwood
  • Potential for tutoring while on the road
  • Proctoring of exams while on the road

We are pleased to announce that Hugh Morrison will be joining AOA in an education consulting capacity.  Hugh has been a school Administrator for 9 years and has been a professional coach/instructor for 30 years.  Currently, Hugh works as a school Principal while coaching on a part-time basis at the Georgian Peaks Club. His understanding of ski racing in Southern Ontario and the academic pressures facing athletes at the U18 stage of their development makes him a very valuable resource and we are excited to have him join the team.

Some new initiatives that Hugh and the SOD brass will be implementing for the 2019-20 season include:

1)      General high School academic counselling and tutoring (Cost per athlete: $450)
  • Helping students/families to navigate and coordinate their athletic program with their academic priorities
  • Helping to determine Post-secondary pathways including NCAA admissions
  • Providing athletes with workshops to develop their habits as student-athletes
  • Assisting athletes in making a communication plan with their educational provider
  • Implementing an accountability system that keeps students, teachers, coaches, and parents up to date with school requirements
  • Access to tutoring at the November training camp in Panorama Resort, BC
2)      Grade 12 Phys Ed Credit from Melissa Wheatcroft (Cost per athlete approximately $350)
  • University level course in Exercise Science starting in June and ending in Chile in August (*please note: For this credit, we require 15 athletes to participate. Associated fees for Melissa’s expenses will be a minimum of approx. cost $350/pp)
3)      Provide/coordinate tutoring for athletes in season in the Collingwood area.

Details to be finalized early October. *** Delivered upon request with extra applicable charge

For more information on any of the above programs please contact TES Hynes, SOD Program Director

Parents and racers should also read the Alpine Ontario Education & Ski Racing Handbook here